Jaq Jaq Bird San Francisco Explorer's Ultimate Gift Set with Chalk Mat & ButterStix®

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1.  SF Waterproof Stickers Activity Set Reusable Map Guide ($15)

2.  Butterstix 12 pk White ($13)

3.  Chalk Crayon + Butterstix Holders ($10)

4.  SF Dry Erase, Wipe Clean Activity Book ($28)

5. SF Dry Erase Wipe + Fold Place and Chalk Mat ($15)

Take a creative journey to the Golden Gate with the Jaq Jaq Bird San Francisco Explorer's Ultimate Gift Set. Perfect for aspiring artists and little travelers, this gift set includes a colorful array of San Francisco-themed reusable stickers, an immersive 'Doodle It' Book showcasing the city's iconic landmarks, a versatile and foldable Chalk Mat for on-the-go artistry, a handy trio of ButterStix® holders, and an inspiring selection of ButterStix® in both classic white and four lively colors. Whether sketching the bustling Fisherman's Wharf, tracing the trolleys, or decorating the mat with visions of Alcatraz Island, this set nurtures a love for urban exploration and creative storytelling. Each play-and-learn experience is an invitation to young adventurers to imagine and depict their San Francisco story, wherever they may be.

Customer Love


We bought this for our 3 y/o grandson and the quality is outstanding. It made a beautiful gift to give him on the day his new sibling was born.

Laura M.
Los Angeles, CA

We put these in the kids’ Easter baskets and they drew in them over and over throughout the day. Instant creativity! They loved having their own personalized book!

Hannah C.
Bend, OR

Mess Free Inspiration

Use our dustless Butter Stix chalk on smudge-proof surfaces that wipe clean in seconds with a damp cloth.

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