Product FAQ

What kind of payment do you take?

We accept credit card payments including Discover, Visa, Master Card and American Express.  You may also pay via PayPal, GooglePay, ShopPay or Apple Pay.  All order information is protected using SSL technology and is encrypted when transmitted through our website.  If you are having problems with your order, please email

Do you offer international shipping?  

Of course! We ship USPS, UPS, Fedex and have our own international shipping account.  Please email for special international rate inquiries, otherwise your total will automatically calculate your rate at checkout.  All international orders placed through our website ship from the USA.

What is your return & exchange policy?

All sales are final.  However, if your product is for any reason defective, we will replace the product if you notify us at or (415) 944-9138 within 10 days of delivery and provide necessary evidence of defect per request.

Does Jaq Jaq Bird do custom work?

Jaq Jaq Bird® is available for both private and commercial projects.  We work with different companies on exclusive prints and private labeling. Please email to inquire about custom work. 


Product FAQ

1. What makes Jaq Jaq Bird® unique?

Jaq Jaq Bird® is the original creator of ButterStix®. Our innovative, sustainable product line encourages unplugged creativity for both children and adults alike!

Our ButterStix®, which utilizes a patented formula, is truly one of a kind. Zero-dust. Mess-free. They are food safe so you can use it on dishes, glasses, containers, lunchboxes etc. ButterStix® work on our entire sustainable collection of erasable products and most non-porous surfaces such as dry erase boards, chalk boards, walls, etc. Of course, please always test ButterStix® in a small area of any surface before applying to any non-JJB surfaces. ButterStix® are not just meant for creative kids, but serious artists illustrate with ButterStix® which glide on like a pastel or can be used with a paintbrush and water for a watercolor technique. 


2. Can I use traditional chalks on Jaq Jaq Bird erasable products?

Yes, you can use traditional chalk on our products; however, regular chalk may leave permanent ghosting marks and the harsh nature of sidewalk chalks will most definitely scratch our product surfaces.  Trust us, once you try ButterStix®, you won't go back!


3. Help... ButterStix® will not erase!

Because ButterStix® have no dust, they may leave "ghost marks" from the oil within the ingredients. You can "cure" the Jaq Jaq Bird® products by smearing traditional white chalk across them and erase with a dry cloth, followed by the ButterStix® application. Please note, ButterStix® will "ghost" from time to time, but this is normal, especially after using the chalks repeatedly on the same surface.  A damp "magic eraser" can also be used to wipe away ghosting. Always test ButterStix® in a small area before applying to any non-JJB surfaces.  


 4. Are Jaq Jaq Bird® products patented?

Yes.  Learn more about Jaq Jaq Bird® patent information here.


We ask that you please respect our creative journey, and please do not copy our products.  Support small businesses, like Jaq Jaq Bird®, by shopping and working with us, not against us. We love to collaborate with other brands, so please reach out to