Jaq Jaq Bird Hello World Dinosaur Bundle Art Gift Set

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This Dinosaur Art Gift Set includes:

1. 3 Blue Crayon/Butterstix Holders $10

2. 12 pack White Butterstx $13

3. Hello World Dinosaur Wipe Dry Erase Clean Activity Book4 Butterstix Colored  $24

4. Dinosaur Dry Erase Wipe Fold + Go Place and Chalk Mat $14

5. Hello World Board Book of the Dinosaur + 4 Butterstix Colored $8

Step back in time with the Jaq Jaq Bird Hello World Dinosaur Series Bundle—a prehistoric playground for the curious and creative young mind! This thrilling set includes our vibrant 'Hello World Dinosaur' Board Book, a reusable Doodle Mat etched with ancient landscapes, 3 durable Case Holders, and a pack of White ButterStix® for mess-free art adventures. Each component of this bundle is meticulously designed to spark curiosity about the majestic creatures of the past while igniting a passion for artistic expression.

The centerpiece, our Hello World Dinosaur Board Book, is filled with colorful illustrations and fascinating facts that will transport your little explorer to a world ruled by dinosaurs. Paired with the Doodle Mat, children are invited to create their own Jurassic tales, drawing and erasing as many times as their imagination desires. The ButterStix® chalks ensure a dust-free environment, making creativity a joy for kids and tidiness a relief for parents. This set not only promotes artistic skills and knowledge of natural history but also embodies our commitment to reusable and sustainable products that minimize environmental impact.

Welcome a timeless adventure into your home with the Hello World Dinosaur Series Bundle, where every page turned and every line drawn contributes to the growth of your child into a thinker and a maker, all the while fostering respect for our Earth.





Customer Love


We bought this for our 3 y/o grandson and the quality is outstanding. It made a beautiful gift to give him on the day his new sibling was born.

Laura M.
Los Angeles, CA

We put these in the kids’ Easter baskets and they drew in them over and over throughout the day. Instant creativity! They loved having their own personalized book!

Hannah C.
Bend, OR

Mess Free Inspiration

Use our dustless Butter Stix chalk on smudge-proof surfaces that wipe clean in seconds with a damp cloth.

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