Jaq Jaq Bird Little World Travelers Reusable Sticker Set - Explore Global Cities

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This includes:

1. San Francisco Waterproof Stickers Activity Set Reusable Map Guide

2. Paris Waterproof Stickers Activity Set Reusable Map Guide

3. Beijing Waterproof Stickers Activity Set Reusable Map Guide

4. Amsterdam Waterproof Stickers Activity Set Reusable Map Guide

5. London Waterproof Stickers Activity Set Reusable Map Guide

6. Toronto Waterproof Stickers Activity Set Reusable Map Guide

Take your child on a globetrotting adventure with the Jaq Jaq Bird Cities of Wonder Reusable Sticker Set. This World Explorer Collection features an array of six vibrant sticker sheets, each one spotlighting a different city – from the canals of Amsterdam to the grandeur of Paris, the iconic Golden Gate of San Francisco, the historical splendor of Beijing, the bustling streets of Toronto, and back to the romantic allure of Paris. Each sticker set brings to life the unique elements and landmarks that make these cities wonders of the world. Designed to inspire storytelling and geographical awareness, these reusable stickers allow for endless creativity and learning. Perfect for interactive play, scrapbooking, or decorating their Jaq Jaq Bird products, these stickers offer children a tangible way to explore the globe and ignite their imaginations.

Customer Love


We bought this for our 3 y/o grandson and the quality is outstanding. It made a beautiful gift to give him on the day his new sibling was born.

Laura M.
Los Angeles, CA

We put these in the kids’ Easter baskets and they drew in them over and over throughout the day. Instant creativity! They loved having their own personalized book!

Hannah C.
Bend, OR

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