Jaq Jaq Bird Hello World Backyard Doodle Book Bundle with ButterStix® and Holders

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This is the ultimate Hello World Backyard Bugs Art Set !


1. 12 pack Butterstix White, $13

2. 3 pack Buttestix/Crayon holders, $10

3.  Backyard Bugs Doodle it Book + 4 color Butterstix $24

4. Backyard Bugs Doodle Mat  4 color Butterstix  $15

Embark on a creative adventure with the Jaq Jaq Bird Hello World Backyard Doodle Book Bundle! Perfect for the budding artist in your home, this set includes our enchanting 'Hello World Backyard' Doodle Book, a versatile Doodle Mat for endless drawing fun, 3 sleek Case Holders for our innovative ButterStix®, and a pack of White ButterStix® that glide smoothly like pastels without any dusty mess. Each item in this bundle is thoughtfully designed to encourage your child to explore their imagination and bring their backyard discoveries to life through art. Our products are consciously crafted to be reusable, ensuring hours of entertainment while teaching the importance of sustainability. The ButterStix® are zero-dust chalks, making them a parent-approved solution for creativity without the clean-up worries. Ideal for fostering cognitive development and fine motor skills, this bundle promises to grow with your child as they transition from playful scribbles to thoughtful sketches.

The Hello World Backyard Doodle Book is not just an art tool; it's a gateway for kids to express their perceptions of the world around them, nurturing their potential as future innovators. The reusable Doodle Mat serves as a blank canvas for practice and play, ready to be wiped clean and used again and again. Accompanied by the mess-free ButterStix® and their convenient holders, this bundle is a testament to our commitment to combining educational value with ecological mindfulness. Invite your child to dive into the joys of artistic expression with this eco-friendly art set that truly stands out in the sea of children's art supplies.

Customer Love


We bought this for our 3 y/o grandson and the quality is outstanding. It made a beautiful gift to give him on the day his new sibling was born.

Laura M.
Los Angeles, CA

We put these in the kids’ Easter baskets and they drew in them over and over throughout the day. Instant creativity! They loved having their own personalized book!

Hannah C.
Bend, OR

Mess Free Inspiration

Use our dustless Butter Stix chalk on smudge-proof surfaces that wipe clean in seconds with a damp cloth.

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