Jaq Jaq Bird Ultimate Creativity Kit: Decal, ButterStix® Holders, Reusable Paper

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This Gift set includes:

1. Reusable Paper ($21)

2. Butterstix White ($13)

3. Chalk Wall Decal + 4 pack Butterstix Color ($25)

4. 3 Pack Crayon/Butterstix Holders ($10)

Transform any space into a canvas for imagination with the Jaq Jaq Bird Ultimate Creativity Kit! This comprehensive set invites your child to express themselves freely and vibrantly with our signature wall Decals, durable ButterStix® Holders, eco-friendly Reusable Paper, and a colorful array of ButterStix® chalks. Our wall Decals are not only whimsical decorations but also interactive backdrops for your child's creative masterpieces, turning walls into reusable drawing boards that encourage artistic exploration.

The sturdy ButterStix® Holders are specially designed for little hands to grip and create with ease, fostering independence and fine motor skill development. Coupled with our revolutionary Reusable Paper, which wipes clean for endless possibilities, this kit promises a joyfully tidy learning environment. The non-toxic ButterStix® offer the smoothness of traditional chalk without the dust and residue, ensuring that your child’s creativity shines without any mess.

Embrace the joy of creating with Jaq Jaq Bird's Ultimate Creativity Kit, perfect for the eco-conscious family who values innovative and sustainable art experiences. Let your child's imagination soar with our mess-free, dust-free, and guilt-free creative solution that stands the test of time and use.


Customer Love


We bought this for our 3 y/o grandson and the quality is outstanding. It made a beautiful gift to give him on the day his new sibling was born.

Laura M.
Los Angeles, CA

We put these in the kids’ Easter baskets and they drew in them over and over throughout the day. Instant creativity! They loved having their own personalized book!

Hannah C.
Bend, OR

Mess Free Inspiration

Use our dustless Butter Stix chalk on smudge-proof surfaces that wipe clean in seconds with a damp cloth.

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