Jaq Jaq Bird® Patent Information

All Erasable Books are covered by the below patents:

United States Patent No. 10,065,447

EU IPO Community Design Registration No. 002929224-0001

GOV.UK (United Kingdom) Design No. 5000862

申请号/专利号 (China Patent No.) 2017104392566


Third Party Infringement of Jaq Jaq Bird Products

Jaq Jaq Bird’s products incorporate trademarks, patents, copyrights, trade dress and other intellectual property that are exclusive to Jaq Jaq Bird and our products.  Unfortunately, there are many inferior products being sold that illegally copy or otherwise illegally infringe our intellectual property, and which fall far short of the high quality and safety standards of our products.  In many cases, our buyers mistakenly believe these inferior infringing third party products are Jaq Jaq Bird products!  If you come across any products that incorporate any of Jaq Jaq Bird’s valuable intellectual property, if it is not being sold directly by us or a Jaq Jaq Bird authorized distributor, it is likely an infringing product!  We are doing our best against these infringers and ask that if you come across these infringing products, you let us know right away at legal@jaqjaqbird.com.  We appreciate your cooperation, thank you!