All About Jaq Jaq Bird®

Jaq Jaq Bird
Jaq Jaq is a small and quirky bird who is in awe and wonder of the world. Weighing 3 apples and 2 eggs tall, Jaq Jaq loves and is inspired by the world. For Jaq Jaq, nature and art go hand in hand. Whether Jaq Jaq chirps above a field of lilies or gazes at the magnificent Milky Way, Jaq Jaq is inspired by the delicate handiwork of nature. Curiosity compels Jaq Jaq to constantly embark on new adventures and is never too cool for school. 

While fearlessly exploring the world, all Jaq Jaq needs is a pair of binoculars and some art stuff. At any moment, Jaq Jaq can be inspired to doodle, draw and paint on the go! But Jaq Jaq doesn’t forget to stop for a breath of fresh air, snacking on worms and licking lollipops. Jaq Jaq has an unquenchable curiosity for the world we live in.  Won’t you rediscover wonder together with Jaq Jaq?