MAY 04, 2021


Inspired by Grace's children and their friends, Jaq Jaq Bird's Friends is a new collection that will inspire your child to explore and discover the world. Each friend has its own personality and temperament ready to delight your child. 

We all know Jaq Jaq is the superstar, and her friends love her because she's smart, quirky and fun. She is full of curiosity and is fluent in many different languages! 

Meet Mango (the bear) Grace's youngest child hates most fruits, except mangoes. Mango is a true foodie at heart, and his backpack is always stocked with all kinds of yummy discoveries, and he's constantly munching on the go!

Meet Sammie (the squirrel) Is the artist at heart, she is constantly mesmerized with the wondrous creations in nature such as flowers, rocks or a passing cloud. She is always ready to cheer you up with her numerous doodles and drawings, much like Grace's daughter.

Meet Sloane (the fox) he is "Mr. Fix it All". if you ever need a helping hand, he is the friend who would call on. He is never without his tools and his very many great ideas. 

Meet Esme (the bunny), the sound catcher. Her ears are constantly perked up to listen to all the sounds around her. She'll memorize it and turn them into a beautiful melody to share with her friends. Grace's son would play the melodica when he was in school in Japan, and is now an avid pianist, and musician. 

Meet Brunelli (the hedgehog), Inspired by Bruno and Ellie, (Grace's daughter and her friend Bruno) these two real life, partners in crime! They both are the middle child in the family (we know what that means!) Brunelli is the image chaser, and is constantly getting into prickly situations with his picture taking. But he has a soft streak and is never too stingy to share his favorite snack, wasabi peas, with all his friends.

Collect all 6 books and delve into the world of Jaq Jaq and her friends!

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