6 Simple Tips For Keeping Your Child Engaged Without A Screen

6 Simple Tips For Keeping Your Child Engaged Without A Screen

Occupying our kids with TVs and digital devices is a tempting solution as we work to check off our daily to-do lists. However, the addition of unique activities or experiences for our children into our daily routines allows for both child development and parent flexibility. 
Together, we can replace screens with analog play!  Here are a few activities to help you get started...

1.  Toy + Art Capsule
Put together a collection of toys and crafts that your child can enjoy independently (or together for multiple children).  Suggestions include coloring books, playing cards or easy puzzles.  Once they are done playing with it, store it away and rotate out with new activities for next time, making it a suprise experience each time they open it!

2.  Animation Artist
Instead of watching TV, have them draw their own cartoon or TV Show.  Kids can use our ButterStix® or Wishy Washy Markers to illustrate their own cartoon or show frame by frame with a pack of our Reusable + Erasable Paper.  

3.  Helping Hands
When cooking or cleaning, let your kiddos help!  Give them a special job they can handle.  For young kids, that might be stirring or setting the table. For older kids, that might be slicing vegetables, sweeping the house or taking out the recycling.  Even better, ask your elderly neighbor if they have any special projects your children can assist them in one afternoon.  These experiences help them to develop specific skills, encourage independence and assist in their ability to follow instructions.  

4.  Imagination Station
Have a collection of timeless, reusable toys that spark imagination on hand, such as Play-Doh, Legos, Playmobil, puzzles and Jaq Jaq Bird’s erasable books and mats.  These and more are guaranteed outlets for hours of creative play!

5.  Bowl of Boredom
Similar to the game of things, set aside an afternoon and allow your children to "create their own activities".  Together, you can brainstorm activities, write down their ideas, fold them up and place them all in a bowl.  Bring out the jar or bowl of activities and let them draw one anytime they are in need of some spontaneous entertainment.  Speaking of boredom, be sure to check out our new Bored Board games in our shop - the perfect addition to the Bowl of Boredom!
6.  Outdoor Explorer
Never underestimate the power of outdoor play!  Stick to the basics, and historically how parents have always kept children engaged with the great outdoors.  Sand, balls, sticks, pets, swings, chalk, bubbles and more - Let them run wild, but just keep them in sight.  Guaranteed fun and an even better night's rest!

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