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Hello and welcome to Jaq Jaq Bird!

We love our retailers and appreciate all that you do to share our products with your customers. Effective 2015, there are couple things you must agree to in order to become a retailer with Jaq Jaq Bird®.

We support our independent boutiques across the globe therefore in order to protect our customers, you must not sell on any third party websites such as Amazon, eBay and its affiliates. We also enforce MAP pricing with our customers.

If you are a brick & mortar or web store, we invite you to fill out our contact sheet on the link below. You may also sell on your website if you have an online web store.

We monitor and police web presence/activity of our products and take our brand name seriously. We have the right to refuse any customers who violate our terms. Please login here to access wholesale pricing for all of our products.

For international orders and distribution inquiries, please email: 

For Germany and Europe distribution and orders, please email:

If you are new to Jaq Jaq Bird, please click here to set up your account. We will let you know if you have been approved within few hours. Minimum online order is $250 effective 10/1/2015.


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