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Jaq Jaq Bird's Friends

Meet Mango. He knows what’s right and wrong, but has trouble making good choices. He is addicted to lollipops and hates the dentist. But overall, he is a sensitive and a sweet bear.

Meet Sloane the Fox. A bit like his name, Sloane is sly, and slick. His best friend is Brunelli. Together, they are partners in crime. Sloane never feels like doing what is right.  He is the boy that likes to cry wolf, but one day he will meet his match.

Meet Esme. She is a hard worker, practical and well... a bit self-righteous. She finds comfort in cupcakes, and aspires to open a bakery one day.


Meet Brunelli.  He  is constantly getting into prickly situations. Loves to snack on wasabi peas. He is often accused of stomping on others to get what he wants.  At rare times, he has a soft streak.


Meet Sammie. You yell, "Squirrel!" and he's on it. Artist at heart, he is constantly distracted with beautfiul things like flowers, butterflies, and Jaq Jaq. He doesn't mind acorns because afterall, he is a squirrel, but his real vice is eating fried foods.


Meet the super-star, Jaq Jaq Bird. Her friends love her because she's smart, quirky and fun. She is always sure of herself, but fickle at times. In her best moment, she's generous and helpful to her friends, but catch her at her worst, and she's self-absorbed.