The Inspiration Behind Our Cities of Wonder Collection

The Inspiration Behind Our Cities of Wonder Collection

Upon launching our newest collection, Cities of Wonder erasable books, in January of this year, we received many inquiries as to what inspired the development of this travel-themed series.  Simply put, the answer is my children.

Cities of Wonder erasable book: San Francisco

In my twenty years of marriage, our family has moved twelve times, basically relocating every two years.  Traveling, living abroad and learning to adapt to diverse cultures are just a few of the things that our family is accustomed to, and not many children can say that they visited or lived in over twenty countries before their mid-teen years.  Cities of Wonder is truly a glimpse into the places that we as a family have fallen in love with during our travels, whether we have resided there or visited for a day.

Paik Family in Venice

As you know, Jaq Jaq Bird® is a family brand, and we want you to share in this experience with our family — to see the beauty of the world through the eyes of your children.  We may not travel together physically, but we invite you now to see, smell, touch and fully experience other cities around the globe using creativity and imagination.  Ultimately, it is our mission to continue to create the tools that allow your children to expand upon their love for and knowledge of the world around them.  With new features, like our interactive map guides, included in the Cities of Wonder collection, your family can continue to explore new cultures, foods, landmarks, history and people of the world from from the comfort of your living room or local park.

At present, it is my sincere hope that before we know it we will soon be traveling again as a family, and in doing so have the opportunity to continue to develop and add many more fascinating places to our collection.  Let us rediscover wonder together!


Rediscover Wonder Together

Jaq Jaq Bird's Cities of Wonder Erasable Book Collection allows children to trace and illustrate their travels, in-person or imaginary, all while learning to love the world around them.  Each book includes an educational, interactive map guide featuring landmarks, facts and more about the city.

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