Returning To The Classroom During A Pandemic — The Perspective Of Students

Returning To The Classroom During A Pandemic — The Perspective Of Students

"Believe in yourself and don't stop until you are proud!" — Unknown

With so much uncertainty surrounding whether or not teachers and students would be returning to school this fall, our Jaq Jaq Bird team would like to take a moment to remind all across that nation that no matter what this semester may look like for you — YOU ARE RESILIENT!
There is no doubt that COVID-19 and navigating our way through this pandemic has ultimately changed us all in some way, and this upcoming school year may just be one of the toughest years yet to be a student.  Our response and participation as parents will most definitely have a huge significance in setting the tone for our children's success.  In an effort to create an encouraging and positive learning environment for our students, we recently took the opportunity to speak with Jaq Jaq Bird's founder, Grace, and her children and asked for their perspectives on returning to the classroom this semester. 

Distance Learning During Pandemic

Samuel (19):  While I personally really want to return back to school, I know health is the most important thing.  Watching the COVID-19 cases rise in areas like Florida has made me more cautious to the subject and definitely more hesitant to return back to school.  While online college is not ideal, I will have no complaints if that is the situation because I know the seriousness of the spread.  Also, I will not take for granted that learning online will allow me more time to pursue other things like piano and exercise.

Ellie (17):  I would anticipate that we will return to a hybrid school system this fall — hybrid  scheduling meaning half online and half in-person.  One hundred percent online schooling would be really difficult for me to keep up with.  It definitely will be hard for me to schedule my whole day and attend school at home without any distractions; however, at the present time, I would like to have a minimal contact with people due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Participating in a hybrid schooling schedule will allow me the necessary structure needed to successfully stay on top of my work, while also lessening my contact with people and exposure during this pandemic.

Micah (15):  Starting school this fall is definitely going to be a challenge because of COVID-19.  Personally, with a rise in cases recently, I don’t think that schools should open.  We should stay inside and try to continue with online school.  My parents have me enrolled in a school that is online right now, and they are actually small enough to where they could open and it may be okay.  Quite honestly, we have also been considering homeschooling as a family because of the pandemic.  Since COVID-19 is such a big deal right now, I don’t think that we should risk the health of students, families and teachers.  Online schooling should be the main focus right now; however, it would be nice to be among friends at school this fall.

Thank you to Samuel, Ellie and Micah for sharing your perspectives with us!  Our team will continue to pray for each of you and the academic year ahead of you.

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