Jaq Jaq Bird x Hello, World! Story Time — Ocean Life

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Welcome to Jaq Jaq Bird x Hello, World! story time!
This week's reading features Hello, World!'s Ocean Life, by Jill McDonald, author and illustrator of the Hello, World! book series.

Continue your exploration of the oceans and marine life with Jaq Jaq Bird’s limited edition doodle books and mats that will nurture curiosity and allow your little ones the creative freedom to further learn about and illustrate the world around them, wherever they may be learning from. 

Learn more interesting facts about Ocean Life here and download free Ocean Life printable coloring sheets here!  Raise kids who love to read, and further explore the Hello, World! Book Series, including other free printables and activities at ReadBrightly.com.
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Jaq Jaq Bird x Hello, World!
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