Jaq Jaq Bird x Hello, World! — Backyard Bugs

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Jaq Jaq Bird x Hello, World! — Backyard Bugs

"Hello, World! Look outside! What bugs do you see?" 

Hello, World Backyard Bugs
  1. The number of insect species is believed to be between six and ten million.  Scientists are discovering more insects every day.  Learn more.
  2. Most insects hatch from eggs, and insect bodies have three parts — thorax, abdomen and head.  And, insects have two antennae.  Some insects have wings, and some do not.
  3. Insects do not have bones or a back bone like humans do.  They are called invertebrates, which means they have a hard exoskeleton (shell) on the outside of their bodies that protects them.  Learn more about the body and life cycle of an insect.
  4. Ants live in well organized social colonies, leave trails and communicate with each other using pheromones as chemical signals.
  5. The life cycle of a mosquito features four stages — egg, larva, pupa and adult.  Female mosquitoes drink blood in order to obtain nutrients needed to produce their eggs.  Mosquitoes are weirdly attracted to smelly feet!
  6. Did you know that spiders are not insects?  Spiders are air-breathing anthropods that have eight legs, chelicerae with fangs generally able to inject venom and spinnerets that extrude silk.  Learn more about spiders.
  7. Bees also live in organized colonies and are found on every continent except for Antarctica.  A bee's wings beat 190 times a second, which is 11,400 times a minute.  Bees help humans by pollinating crops.
  8. Ladybugs are not ladies, they are beetles!  North America has over 450 native species of ladybug, and you can determine what species of ladybug you find by the spots on their backs.  Ladybugs might eat more than 5,000 insects in their lifetime.
  9. Dragonflies have been on earth for 300 million years!  There are over 36 species of dragonflies found in the United Kingdom.
  10. Caterpillars have twelve eyes, soft bodies and a maximum of five pairs of legs.
  11. Grasshoppers existed before dinosaurs.  Grasshoppers can leap vigorously using their powerful hind legs.
  12. Butterflies are flying insects with four wings.  There are about 18,500 known species of butterflies worldwide.  Butterflies go through a metamorphosis process, which is an abrupt change of a living thing's body structure after its been born or hatched.  Learn more.

Do you enjoy learning about backyard bugs?  You may just grow up to be an Entomologist one day, studying all about insects, their behaviors and you may even discover a new species!

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Making every effort to encourage analog play among children, Jaq Jaq Bird continues to expand upon our mission of unplugged creativity through a brand collaboration with the Hello, World! book series, written and illustrated by Jill McDonald.  Hello, World! teaches young children about STEM by exploring different aspects of natural science, including dinosaurs, our solar system, backyard bugs and ocean life.  Shop the Jaq Jaq Bird x Hello, World! Collection or further explore the Hello, World! Book Series!



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