Do More Than Doodle With Our Doodle It & Go Erasable Mat

 Jaq Jaq Bird® Doodle It & Go Erasable Book

Perfectly sized as a young artist portfolio, the Doodle It & Go erasable mat is reusable and one of the most versatile products of Jaq Jaq Bird's line.  The upholstered side may be used as an activity mat for kids' arts and crafts at the table or as a protective surface for enjoying their favorite snack or meal.  Upon opening, the doodle mat lays completely flat and serves up the opportunity for kids to explore their creativity through illustration using our mess-free ButterStix® or Wishy Washy Markers, which you can simply erase and allow them to doodle over and over again by using a damp cloth.

Each Doodle It & Go erasable mat comes paired with four ButterStix®.  The Doodle It & Go erasable mat is both compact and lightweight, making it ideal for on-the-go travels and easy to store at home.

Check out our recent IGTV video featuring the multi-use Doodle It & Go erasable mat!

In our recent IGTV episode, you can see for yourself how to use our Doodle It & Go erasable mat three different ways!

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