A Special Message To Our Jaq Jaq Bird Community

Hi Friends,
Most of you may not know this, but the Jaq Jaq Bird brand was founded during a time of absolute crisis for my family.  In short, our family had begun a home renovation project while stationed in Washington D.C.  We purchased a small bungalow, and then unknowingly hired a fraudulent contractor who took our kitchen appliances, HVAC and savings and disappeared.  Just days before my third child was to be born, the FBI called to confirm our family’s worst fear, leaving us with no functional kitchen for nearly six months.  My only option was to dine out with three small children each evening while my husband personally handled the home repairs each night after work.
The original concept behind the Jaq Jaq Bird brand was created out of these unfortunate circumstances, as I sought out a creative outlet for my three small children while being confined to dining in restaurants. (Read more about the Jaq Jaq Bird story here.)
With the rapid spread of the Coronavirus crisis upon us, Jaq Jaq Bird would like to encourage you to also explore creative outlets for you and your children during this period of uncertainty and limited social interaction.  May we all use this time together, but apart, as a time for our families to unplug, bond, and most importantly, stay safe and healthy.
Jaq Jaq Bird products are creative tools which lead kids to imagine, create and love the world around them. During this time of global crisis, let us all continue to seek positivity and explore creativity.

As a member of our Jaq Jaq Bird community, it is my hope that our creative tools can serve you and your little ones in the coming weeks as you work to plan out engaging, in-home activities for the entire family.   I thank you for continuously supporting our small business.

Sending you and yours our very best,
Grace + the Jaq Jaq Bird team

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